Deciding on 


Let's start with the 4 basic sizes....

What's the difference and how do you know which will best suit you? Well I can help you narrow it down. If you get the chance, stop by your local music store and check them out in person. Hold them, strum them and get a feel for which you are more drawn to. As you become more skilled and your addiction grows you may then decide to add different sizes to your collection.

 Here are some of the biggest differences between them:

Size... obviously! As you go from smallest to largest the depth of sound changes. 

Sound... Soprano, Concert & Tenor all use the same tuning & chords. If you can play one, you can play the others. What's primarily different beyond the size is the sound. As you go larger the sound gets a bit deeper and I think that the emotional rush you get from playing it also changes slightly. Maybe that's just me.

The Baritone is different from the other three in that it plays more like a 6 string guitar. Minus 2 strings of course. If you ask my opinion (because I do have one) the Baritone is much like a child's guitar in size and a standard guitar in sound. If you are learning with a group that is playing the other 3 styles you might find some difficulties in following along because everyone else will be learning different finger placements for their chords and you might have to make your own adjustments along the way. It still sounds cool and if your goal is to learn the guitar but you've found it too frustrating and lack motivation then the baritone might be for you?

Style.... It does matter.

***STILL WORKING ON THE PAGE... I Imagine the suspense is killing you :-) Hang tight I'll come back to this page after I have worked on building the others a bit more.  

Here are some sound samples of different size Ukes:

Charlie (err the Gorilla) is playing a Tanglewood Cove Creek TU2 Soprano Ukulele  

 Julia is playing a Bushman Concert Uke

Achim is playing the Lanikai CK-TEQ Curly Koa Tenor

Sam Hart plays a Lanakai Baritone Ukulele. I do believe this is the first song he ever composed on it.


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