Ukulele Obsession the only therapy is more uke!

There is something magical about the ukulele. Everyone who sees it is either curious or has a story of their own. Holding it is an instant mood changer and I do believe that it is a law of nature when strumming, it is physically impossible to not feel a sense of joy. If you've played one you know what I mean. If you haven't.... Well why not?

A little history
In the 1800's Portuguese cabinet makers from the Madeira Islands  emigrated to Hawaii to work in the sugar cane fields. Shortly after they arrived they began delighting the local people with nightly street concerts. They would play on their four-string Madeiran guitar's called machetes and leap around on the docks singing Portuguese folk songs

Ukulele History Ukelele (54223 bytes)Hawaiians were not only impressed with the beautiful sounds these instruments could make, but also with the speed these musicians' fingers flew on the fingerboard. It is said, they in turn began calling this instrument the Ukulele, which roughly translates as "Jumping Flea".

Even though it was very popular in the islands, the ukulele didn't become popular in the United States until about 1915.

For more information on the history of the Ukulele visit the time line here:

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Enjoy all the entertaining and useful tidbits this site has to offer. If you are new to the ukulele there will be a lot to discover. Enjoy your stay, come back often and share with your friends.

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